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tv   First Business  FOX  November 23, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EST

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how important are websites to small businesses? they can sometimes make or break a company's bottom line. plus...finding the right fix for the ailing healthcare system...why nurses and doctors have opposing views when it comes to the topic of a public option. and...from busy restaurants to more traffic...could these be signs the economy is finally turning around..why one viewer thinks's all ahead on this edition of first business. good and having everyone thank you for joining us i'm beejal patel i'm angela moused. first look we're ahead of a holiday shortened week for the financial markets... with the thanksgiving holiday... check in on the trading floor on what to expect. as we keep an eye on the health care debate in congress... it also remains a hot topic among our viewers... your ideas.. on how to control costs a little later. course we
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are watching the kickoff of the holiday shopping season and that this black friday on november 27th question is archosaurs especially after will be bed with the recessionary economy arkansas has legged out there and shot? is important to the economy, i'm going to shop and do my duty. mortgage rates continue falling... and it's very surprising for loan officers.... who are growing more skeptical about just how long rates will stay at these levels... todays rates are the lowest they've been in 8 months... the 30 year fixed rate.. is down to 4.83%... a year ago... it was above 6%. the dropping mortgage rates are largely the result of the recession... but now that the economy is no longer in a free fall... it's rd for some to believe... could it be the calm before the storm? that's what russ martin with pearl mortgage is calling it... here to shed some light on this. federal reserve in process of buying 1 trillion dollars of mortgage backed securities - end that program in march ...
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a company website can make or break a business. and some small business owners are learning that getting that "just right" website design takes strategy. yolanda o'neal's tutoring service business recently hit an unexpected glitch. "what went wrong was i allowed the web designer to have access to my password unfortunately the website expired and was taken down." o'neal's site was shut down, because the designer failed to tell her the bill from her website's hosting company needed to be paid. "unfortunately what i see is
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unscrupulous designers who will hold you hostage you need to have control of your own domain." as a seasoned web developer and designer, becky davis shares her book smarts and streets smarts with with small business owners. this website design workshop was put on by score, which is dedicated to assisting small business owners. "one of the things that makes score unique// is we combine workshops and counselors then help the small business owner intergrate the workshop into the operation of the business plan" in this workshop, business owners are able to get design ideas and a handle on the expense of maintaining a website.
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"if you hire a designer it's going to cost you around $1,000 if you pay $300, it's probably to a student and you get what you pay for. " for a basic website davis says to plan to pay $10 a year for a domain name, $120 a year or less for a hosting company, and up to $2,000 for a designer. she recommends checking out the designers clients to make sure you will get the best service. a tip that could have saved o'neal time and money. "but. this is a mixed blessing because although the site was shut down now i can start from scratch and and i look forward to it. " we wish you the best with your business. once you get your website up becky davis says it's important to get the word out and she says don't underestimate the power of social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. than we have to check upon the
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stock market know what frank less of future past trade and local freight talking about a holiday-store then we could get a possible loss of economic data up on top housing numbers if po we expect them as far as market reaction to those? fifth house and did extremely important at this point in time we did have some negative news last week's run put the housing data was entered really quite up to what we were looking for their there is some negative news or mortgages is certainly a lot of delinquencies a lot of problems they're expected to so that's one of the reasons the market setback we also have negative news on tech stocks this past week's market star billing with that clearly the housing data is very important going forward right now the little bit of a gain of some of the housing data we will have to see if that falls through. as you mentioned we've seen the stock market back off if the
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highs of 2009 the think that was it do we all have we already seen the highs for the year above the market fell another shot at it? a premature to say oron't new highs because at this point of a pen to rescind its traders are reluctant to case new highs this they were earlier in the you're just a few months ago make new highs and we tend to set back in here koppell looking for a retracement here the october sell-off but about 72 points put about six or seven per cent can easily leave exceed s&p down to the 640 or so of the bottle the tone of this and have been will see if it holds. i would expect traders to come back and again could not willing to take the highs but certainly still willing to buy on dips. will see how a place for the rest of the year thank you so much of future path trading.
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still to come one viewer points out signs of an economic recovery...and another gives tips on how to bring healthcare costs under control. but first...the healthcare debate continues..why one nurses association thinks a public option is a good idea.
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(wedding march...record scratc scratch). >> has the warranty on your happily ever after expired? [whistle...explosion] >> are you ready to trade your husband in for a new model. >> huh? >> well doctor kevin lehman says give him a tune up instead. squeak ... squeak. >> and you can have a new husband by friday.
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on the 700 club tuesday at
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bo with the national health care bill already having path to the house of representatives is now on the senate's turn their version is called the patient protection at affordable care at is projected to extend coverage to 31 million americans currently without benefits at a cost of $840 billion over 10 years. that see that of 11 pre health care center joins us now with her insights on health care in america path to so much for joining us left to right into it from your perspective as a nurse destination health care system really need an overhaul? i guess i could put it best as a nurse at the health-care system is terribly six. it reminds me of patients who come to our free clinic who are uninsured and put off taking care of themselves for so long that they're sick of the most folks if they have a chronic illness. the health-care system is broken
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and needs this fixing. you brought up the uninsured in the cost that their medical care converse what impact does covering uninsured have on those with insurance? in the present situation what happens is that the folks who have no insurance like i said they put off care in i've been amazed by this as a nurse of overtime to put off taking care of themselves and eventually may end up in a hospital emergency department very sick i heard something the other day on the news that to having the person more chance of dying in emergency room if you're uninsured. and does not because people don't want to take care of people because you're already very sick. so these folks have to then give more expense of extensive involved here. and that care for the cost of that care of fortunately ships over because the pricing has to go of four other people to cover that. in those other people have insurance pool our own
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government systems. whether you're free health care clinic path into the current health- care system and how would any policy debate change what you do now? my wildest dream is that this health care reform and what police said shut us down i am a free clinic where a priest in a community supported we run a golf parlance to raise money we are all volunteers to and 30 of us and we are of what they called a safety net provider we are not part of the system we try to fix what about the folks who fall to the practice of the system is our sincere hope that in the future as health-care reform moves forward in my patients will love dearly to have affordable health care bill would apply to get it we'll do that. yet the one to an insurance get them into primary care setting so they don't have to rely on safety nets for their care. getting patients like the one to take care of the free health care clinic may involve a public auction the american nurses association
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which sponsored this interview is in favor of public auction of the american medical association which represents doctors is against why do you think there is the difference? i think the reasons are probably complex. i haven't talked to folks from the a in a person i've talked to many doctors however who believe as i do hope that public option is a way to help add to the folks who are in short. i have brought me back and say if the private insurance companies could do with us go ahead and do it. i think at this point i think we are looking at a public auction that does a couple of things first of all that adds another option in many cases like in some states there's only two insurers and so forth and they're also forced everyone to take a tight but can be sure that that what they're
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offering is a product has prevented in them that are affordable i do take care of people regardless of prior conditions beset room. and the big picture once this plays out my hope is that cost will go down overall all bulls will enjoy a cost-benefit as people are healthier. healthy people, eventually cost less. saving money and covering more americans that's the key to the health-care debate think you very much for your insight. that's right. thank-you. b02 still ahead next up...viewers sound off about the economy in today's viewer mail.
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but as always our viewers have strong opinions about the economy and health care problem and the growing budget deficit let's take a listen to this. "it's all about balancing this budget mess the government is in and nothing else. they're pulling money to make up for all the money they've blown away like drunken sailors. that's what it's all about and like the $400 billion medicare thing.. they're going to ax it - better hang onto your wallets." this is something they can add some talking about of the u.s. tional debt stands at 12 trillion dollars right now become less of a morning press several months that if we don't get our spending under control all be facing higher interest rates in the sixth and higher inflation so is a big problem. if i'm not a fan of debt but i
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did we have to give the president or the verizon is to figure everything and all he's saying he has a plan to help bring down next six months in to help pay for the new health beer likely need to get some more time on that i don't like dead at all. frustules of what he has some ideas for how to bring health care costs under control. "medical costs are out of control. it should be mandatory that all medical providers and service providers post their rates on the internet and at their office so educated consumers can make the right choices when they need services... should also do it for dentists." the good point there from all test code and to our next e l s about health care again is a hot topic these days "i am positive that any such mandate requiring americans to purchase healthcare coverage under their policy will be over
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a long-term period and not infringe upon the jobless until they are employed once again." of course he is referring to the talk in the senate and house right now of the government possibly mandating all americans to buy health care coverage in this one of the components of the health care reform legislation going through congress right now and yes there are some big subsidies in these proposals and lower income individuals who may not be able to afford that mandate the requirement to buy health as well as will be given some considerable subsidies i think walt idea benison doctor should tell us how much we are going to and we should know what's going on and i like to know what's going on. moving on to our next the word is viewer sees signs that the economy is recovering he says that he lives in elkhart county in the end of
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some of the observations here about the local economy "some observations on our local economy: restaurants seem busy. road traffic, especially at morning or evening rush hours, has mushroomed. six weeks ago, such traffic was like a sunday afternoon. currently, traffic is backed up at lights and bumper to bumper everywhere. us highways through elkhart are full of semis." that the good times roll here in chicago and we are seeing some signs here every state go to restaurants they are busy year parking lots path the discount stores in the suburbs are little more busy year put heavy been seen? i see a lot more traffic at the restaurants most definitely but are hoping that when i drive to the chicken for thanksgiving there won't be so many people on the road. and do so much everyone for printing us your ideas keeping them coming here call us at present 26608397 or e-mail us at comments at first business x. c o m and we are coming up with
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chart talk next.
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bad bandying would stop equities along with the support chart talk. we are talking about the semiconductor index which is showing some signs of topping out late be when the thing? it is showing signs of topping out who had a very difficult time getting to the 26 handle we are seeing get traded back below the 50 day moving average last thursday the sector get downgraded intel is a big component of the semiconductor e t f so this in the back along the 15 day moving average is
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with the broader market like the russell you see a similar pattern there we see the market having a difficult time making new highs in certain areas this sector is leaders in the early part of the rally well this summer so i am just cautious but this may be showing signs of the s&p 500 maybe a little toppy there. going back to the s and h is right of a plan by dollars a share in a really hasn't made any gains since late july were as you compare that to the nasdaq with the semiconductor and of course the nasdaq has made some gains but may be blessed that in doubt as well as reacting to perhaps right? if it does not confirming the stair stepping is going on in the nasdaq you're watching that you're still seeing new highs but still having a hard time pushing relieve much higher and you can see the sectors and the nasdaq and semiconductors about the summer started to roll over a little bit i think that to be leading the indicator for
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the nasdaq as we move into the new year. something to watch out for thing you so much.
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